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obama said that meeting was important but not egypt's only option for democracy. and we could see egyptian demonstrations like this one in d.c. for weeks to come. protesters outside the egyptian embassy and the white house called for president mubarak to resign. about 200 people spent the name envelo night in lafayette square. >>> 4:34 is your time. later this morning we'll hear from the retired american nurse who was caught up in the protest in egypt. 76-year-old mary thornbury flew in. friends here in the u.s. networked with others in cairo to rescue her from her apartment building. the "today" show will have an exclusive interview with thornbury right after "news 4 today." >>> two americans who have been accused of spying in iran have pled not guilty. shourd has been out on bail back here at home, but the other two remain in jail in iran. shourd did not return to iran for her trial. if convicted the americans could phase ten years in prison. still not clear when the next court hearing will be. >>> new today in chile, a woman has. a search team did not find any explosives. polic
. president obama will also speak at today's events. congresswoman giffords remains at a rehab hospital. kelly has said that his wife is making progress. president obama will travel to penn state university. it's the next leg of his tour to promote american innovation. during this visit, he'll be talking about energy efficiency. the trip was supposed to take place yesterday, but was pushed back because of the nationwide winter storm. >>> the republicans' efforts to appeal the health care reform law has hit a dead end. we're taking a live look at the just capitol where questioned t yesterday the senate voted against repealing the law. it sets up a possible battle in the supreme court. the judges recently ruled a mandate that people were required to buy health insurance or face penalties violated the constitution. there is no word yet on what happens next, but plig experts fully expect the battle to reach the high court sooner rather than later. >>> 30 degrees out will. ahead, a power outage help police catch a man suspected in a burglary spree. >>> plus a big announcement on the massive hot lan
president obama will meet with house democratic leaders to discuss the budget and figure out more ways to reduce the federal deficit. meanwhile the house delivered a victory to the president as it voted to kill funding for a jet engine that the pentagon says does not need. the house stripped funding for an alternative engine for the f-35 fighter jet, a move that robert gates says could save $3 billion. the plant developing the engine is in ohio near house speaker john boehner's district. >>> a house scare for students at george washington university. this morning someone on campus is believed to have tuberculosis. a spokesman says they're working to identify everyone who has had close contact with the person. at this point they say there is no need for the entire community to take action. it's unclear if the infected person is a student or he or she lives on campus. >>> police in montgomery county believe that a suspicious death is part of a murder-suicide attempt. investigators believe he beat his wife with a hammer inside their apartment late tuesday night before stabbing himself to
: president obama has urged compromise. with the debt at record levels, republicans think this time, the public is behind them. with the clock ticking and neither side ready to blink, we could find out. if there were a government shutdown, military would stay active. new applicants to social security could see delays. >>> in wisconsin, protests are expected to resume at the state house in madison. prounion are protesting against a bill to stril employees their right for collective bargaining. teachers retu teachers -- democratic lawmakers refuse to return until they say they can negotiate on the bill. >>> kwame brown is catching heat for costing the city $1,900 a month for car rentals, this is the second vehicle the city is paying for, the first was returned because it didn't have the right interior color. brown told the post, he accepts full responsibility for the situation. >>> in the midwest, winter is far from over. blizzard-like conditions are causing delays at local airports. reagan national airport, several flights to detroit and minneapolis are cancelled orb delayed this mor
for the annual meeting of the national governor's soerk, that meeting starts tomorrow. today, president obama will be meeting with governors for a dozen states and the american somoa. job creation will dominate the conversation. >> republicans have demanded the cuts to help prevent a federal shutdown as of march 4th. among the protential reductions, funding for earmark projects that have already been approved. cuts proposed by president obama, including the elimination of a program for a jet fighter. >>> as libya moves closer to civil war, at least 300 are dead in that city alone. in the mideast, iraq has seen protests, the prime minister warns that they are targets of terrorist groups plans to attack them with suicide bombs. >>> the tankers were taking fuel to nato forces in afghanistan. 15 militants armed with rockets and guns caused a massive fire. militants often target supply targets, and in recent years, destroyed hundreds of vehicles. >>> a hearing took place for detained american raymond davis, the cia contractor is accused of killing two pakistani men. he claims the men were trying t
costs. >>> today president obama will send his budget proposal for 2012 to congress. it includes more than $1 trillion in cuts. but republicans say he needs to cut even more. nbc's mike viqueira has more details on how the plan will reduce deficits. >> reporter: even as the obama budget was being readied for release, the president warned it will reveal some painful choices on spending. >> it cuts what we can't afford to pay for what we cannot do without. that's what families do in hard times. and that's what our country has to do as well. >> reporter: top officials said the plan will put a dent in now record debt and deficits. >> we have a responsible budget that will cut in half the deficit by the end of the president's first time. >> reporter: it would freeze domestic spending for five years, including a new fighter engine and more c-17s. cut $100 billion from college pell grant in part by ending payments for summer school. take $2.5 billion or 50% from low-income heating assistance. and limit the mortgage interest deduction for the wealthy. along with other cuts, it adds up to more
a flight, president obama's trip to penn state university. to promote innovation. because of the weather, the trip has been pushed back from wednesday to thursday. >> right now, protesters are converging in cairo. here is a look at protesters in the streets. organizers say they called on more than a million to push for mubarak to step down. mubarak could be losing the support of the military, who said on national tv, they would not fire on the expected crowds expected to gather. >> many of those fleeing are local students. 15 students landed safely in qatar yesterday. several other european citizens. john hopkins has evacuated students, expected to fly out today. six university of maryland students will be able to get flights out -- were able to get flights out yesterday and another will fly out today. now, important communication tools like twitter and facebook have been shut down. egyptians can call a voice mail line that will publish the message to twitter. >> all right, it is 4:39, 28 degrees. any travel alert that could change the plans of royal wedding watchers. >> who is for star
.m., and will return at 10:00. house republicans approved $61,000 in cuts. the drastic cuts, president obama said could -- both sides have to agree by march 4th to avoid a government shutdown. >> an amendment by jerry conley is restore metro was killed. conley argued that part of the budget should be used for metro, considering 40% of all federal employees use the train to get to work. >> you may want to hose it down with soap and water, a canadian broadcast company said the trays had as much bacteria as toilets in gas stations. bacteria was startling, but not enough to make healthy persons sick. the items were sent to the university of british columbia for testing. >> a healthy person can't get sick from the bacteria from a gas station? >> don't eat off a toilet seat, please. >> that is nasty. tell us about the cold weather. and good news. >> the roller coaster ride, we will be warming up into the afternoon. into the rest of the week. be prepared, accordingly. right now, it is cold. we are below freezing, most locations, weather watchers reporting high clouds drifting over a nearly full moon in the we
, will address the attendes, not attending, sarah palin, mike huckabee, and john huntsman. >> the obama administration is expected to release a plan to change the way home loans are made in america. the plan could set the stage for a multiyear debate over government housing assistance. >>> dozens of lawmakers are waking up in their captol hill offices this morning, and a group called the responsibility of ethics in washington said they are sleeping in their office, and using the house shower. they are avoiding paying taxes. it is asking the ethics committee to investigate. >> those who suffer from medical conditions can purchase medical marijuana in the district. now, some people want to know why it is taking so long for the distribution centers to open. the group created to oversee the centers held a public meeting to clear up conclusion. the director said it is a serious and time-consuming process. the people who need the drug say it has been too long. >> every day, people are suffering, and every day is one more day patients go without medication, that has been proven time and again
, first lady michelle obama will shine the spotlight of diet and exercise, "let's move campaign" to fight childhood obesity. she will talk about it on "today" here on nbc 4, beginning at 7:00 this morning. >> the president will host a lunch to republican leaders. major leaders will talk about the economy, spending and some of the president's ideas from his state of the union address. canter said this is a great opportunity. this speaks to the president's willingness to focus on issues that american people are telling us to focus on. >> it is 4:48, house republicans congress has to approve a budget for government operations, and gop are looking to choke funding for the law. making any new operations impossible, because they wouldn't have money. the senate and president obam will fight the move f a budget is not agreed upon by march 4th they would have to shut down. >> christina aguliera is getting another chance. >>. >> i wonder how many times we will see that that was her highly criticized performance at sunday's super bowl, when she mixed up the lyrics. now the brooklyn sigh clones invi
weeks to give them more time. >> president obama is considering a tax on canadian and mexican fees. >> at 4:34, a developing story out of wisconsin, state senators are expected to return benefits for public employees. meanwhile, thousands protested in and around the capitol building in and around wisconsin yesterday. senators were supposed to vote and no democrats showed up. police searched for the lawmakers to get them to return. this kind of stunt, they say is unexpected. >> i will tell them, if i get a chance, they get paid to come to work. they should be coming to work. you can't have conversations if you are not at work. >> walker, the governor, defends his actions, saying every cut is justified, as wisconsin is facing a two-year deficit of $2.6 billion. >>> mayor michael bloomberg's budget, said more could come if the state doesn't receive aid included in the budget. >> the senate passed a two year, $35 billion bill. it loosens restrictions on flights between the west coast and reagan. it doesn't approve funds for navigation and air traffic control systems. the house has to a
't debate education and union matters. >> president obama will spend part of his day with injured troops and their families in bethesda, his first visit there since 2009. the white house said the president will spend about an hour there. and the the former chief of staff rahm emanuel is the mayor-elect in chicago this morning. there is no need for a run-off election now. he called the victory, quote humbling. he will take over for richard daly on the 16th rob will be a terrific mayor for chicago. >> and according to amazon, he has been accused of helping to leak the draft of an unpublished book by one of palin a former aids. >> a massive earthquake rocked new zealand. it hit the second largest city, christchurch. hundreds are dead. right now, a curfew is in place, police say there are too many weak buildings that could topple over at any time. anyone seen out past 6:30 p.m. will be arrested. >> does a cell phone cause brain cancer? there has been fear that holding a cellphone up to your ear can lead to brain cancer. for the first time, scientists have measured changed in the brain caused
.s. is putting problem pressure on the leader to resign now rather than later. he spoke with president obama and said a transition to new leadership must begin now. most students have been able to flee, all but two are staying with family in egypt. cairo ee -- only 600 americans were able to leave yesterday. >> americans are keeping an eye, many are worried about family members. and the orthodox church is praying. they say they are energized by what they see coming. >> to have an ally in the middle east, rather than having no friends in the middle east. >>> the dow finished good earnings reports contributed to the big day. up 20% since august. >> you may want to avoid metro on president's day weekend. major delays on the blue, red lines because of platform work. the smithsonian stations will be closed and no service, and shady grove and new york avenue one rail. the new general manager said that the random bag searching policy is here to stay. his comments come one week after metro riders' advisory committee asked the board of directors stopped the searchs until a hearing could be held to ha
. president obama's 2012 budget plan the white house is sending parade of administration officials to capitol hill to defend the $3.7 trillion proposal. visiting a baltimore middle school yesterday the president pushed for more spending on education. the proposal also lays out plans to cut the deficit by $1.1 trillion over the next decade. some the 200 federal programs would be eliminated or see funding slashed. >> i worked on seven budgets sent to congress. this has the toughest cuts i have ever worked on. they are very significant. >> the president is proposing raising tax tows lower the deficit and plan calls for lowering how much can be written off itemized tax deductions. >>> the president's budget plan could also leave you paying more for airline tickets. proposal would raise the passenger facility fee. right now that's $4.50 per plane ticket. the fee under this plan would go up to $7 to offset a cut of more than $1 billion in airport grants. the airports use the passenger for faa approved safety and expansion projects. >>> 4:36. warning for parents before you send your kids off to the
see huge crowds already gathering today. the obama administration is meeting with egyptian officials this morning to talk about a proposal for mubarak to resign immediately. >> police are on the lookout for the admissions director of a local private school accused of sexually assaulting a student. thomas women son was working at the washington christian academy in olney, maryland. a current student accused wilson of inappropriately touching her on school grounds. >> coming back to life it is a city digs out from this week's historic blizzard. public schools are back in session today. thousands of kids won't be taking the bus to school because a lot of side streets are still too dangerous for some school buses to navigate. >>> in the day ahead we expect a big announcement from space shuttle captain mark kelly. he is expected to announce he will lead the last mission of the shuttle "endeavor" in april. >>> good bet you will see them on your drive to work this morning. those are panhandlers, busy intersections. now montgomery county wants to crack down and county is asking the state for
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15